Suppliers, contractors to pre-qualify for Chile’s 531-MW Alto Maipo

Power company AES Gener invites applications for pre-qualification to build and equip the 531-MW Alto Maipo hydroelectric project in Chile’s Maipo River Basin.

AES Gener, a subsidiary of AES Corp. of the United States, is developing Alto Maipo with water utility Aguas Andinas. In 2008, the utility named Norplan of Norway to provide design and procurement services for the project. (HydroWorld 4/21/08)

To be built in Chile’s Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Alto Maipo is to include two run-of-river underground powerhouses, 264-MW Alfalfal 2 in the Colorado River subbasin downstream from Alfalfal 1, and 267-MW Las Lajas near the confluence of the Maipo River and El Manzano marsh.

The project also includes 67 kilometers of headrace, tailrace, and access tunnels; 2.5 kilometers of pressure, surge, and cable shafts; the underground powerhouses containing twin Pelton turbines in each; access roads; and bridges. Pelton turbines were selected because of high heads of 1,157 and 483 meters and heavy silt exposure in the region.

AES Gener invites contractors and suppliers to pre-qualify to register in the Special Supplier and Contractors Register, which has been opened to develop Alto Maipo.

The register includes the following specialties: principal contractors; international contractors specializing in underground construction; domestic construction companies specializing in civil and underground works; domestic construction companies specializing in hydro and electro-mechanical equipment installation; tunnel-boring machine suppliers; Pelton turbine suppliers; spherical valve suppliers; generator suppliers; power transformer suppliers; electric equipment suppliers; protection, communication, and control equipment suppliers; steel pressure pipe manufacturers; transmission system contractors; and engineering companies.

Pre-qualification documents may be obtained from the address below for 540,000 pesos (US$1,000) by bank check to AES Gener S.A. For information, contact Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project Offices, 2960 Jorge Hirmas St., Renca District, Santiago City, Chile; (56) 2-6804863.

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