Task force to help Canada reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Canadian Hydropower Association hopes to participate in a clean electricity task force established by Canada’s federal government to work with provinces and industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Once it is formed, the task force is to examine how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing production of electricity from facilities powered by hydropower, other renewables, and nuclear energy.

CHA said Canada’s hydropower potential can be developed with respect for the environment and in collaboration with local communities. It says it has identified 13,400 MW of new hydro projects in planning stages in six provinces.

The task force will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond the government’s national target of reducing emissions by 20 percent by 2020. The government said it wants the task force to help achieve additional emissions reductions from the electricity sector.

The government’s climate change plan, �Turning the Corner,� identifies possible actions for meeting the goal, including development of more hydro projects. Other actions could include building of an east-west power grid, new nuclear reactors, and the retirement of fossil-fueled plants.

The task force will report to Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

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