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Mavel adds new turbine to TM line

Global manufacturer Mavel has added a modular micro-hydro turbine to its TM line with the introduction of its Tm8 model.Mavel said each unit has a capacity of 20 kW to 100 kW and this technology is designed for installation on low-head facilities such as weirs and irrigation systems, without the need for an enclosed powerhouse.

Each Tm8 unit includes a Kaplan-type runner with four manually-adjustable blades, an 850 mm runner diameter, an operational head of 2 to 5 meters, and a flow of 52 to 106 cubic feet per second.

Other models in this line include the Tm3, Tm5 and TM10, which the company says have been installed at more than 60 sites around the world.

Book details The Power of Water

The Power of Water is a book available from PennWell that provides information from a diverse range of technical and stakeholder views on hydropower.

The book covers technical applications as well as social and economic implications.

It contains opinions from a broad range of experts, including prominent environmental representatives, as well as individuals from The World Bank, International Hydropower Association, World Commission on Dams and United Nations.

The 272-page book has distinct chapters, each depicting a diverse experience with hydropower around the world.

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CEATI releases two reports for hydro field

CEATI International has released two new reports: Hydro Unit Stator Core and Rotor Pole Replacement/Refurbishment Criteria and Energy Storage Scoping Study.

The stator and rotor report says improvements in the design of hydro generators over the past five decades have resulted in substantial increases in efficiency and performance. In addition, utilities are hard-pressed to improve unit availability and reduce forced outages due to the aging of generator and rotor field pole windings in the components life cycle process.

CEATI says this report provides an analytical approach, including basic design information, failure causes and mechanisms and assessment methodology based on condition assessment indices to determine whether the existing stator core, rotor pole field and amortisseur windings will continue to function normally for an additional period of 25 to 35 years through the assumed lifetime of new stator windings.

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The energy storage report is intended to provide insights into the role of energy storage as currently deployed and highlight potential applications to mitigate the impact of renewable energy integration on various levels of the power system, including the transmission, distribution, behind-the-meter and remote sites. This report is an aggregate of a literature review, in-house expertise and a survey of utilities, CEATI says.

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Plans announced to award IHA Blue Planet Prize in 2017

The IHA Blue Planet Prize will be awarded in 2017. This prize is given to a hydropower project, or element of a project, that most clearly demonstrates excellence in sustainability or that most clearly represents a significant improvement in sustainability practices in a developing country or region.

The International Hydropower Association will award the prize based on an assessment using the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. The official assessment must be published before January 2017. It can be of any of the four stages: early stage, preparation, implementation and operation.

The winning project will be announced at the 2017 World Hydropower Congress.

This prize was awarded to six projects between 2001 and 2005 in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and Nepal.

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OpEx Corner: Prevent spillway gate equipment failures

The National Hydropower Association’s OpEx database contains six event reports that describe events or near misses involving spillway gates and their components. Examples include:

  • Connecting chain link break
  • Gate shaft coupling failure
  • Damage to radial gate arm
  • Failure of hoist wire rope

Visit to view and learn from these spillway gate incidents, as well as other event reports related to operating hydropower facilities.

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