Technical Papers of the Year winners announced at HydroVision International 2018

Authors of 15 technical papers were presented with Technical Papers of the Year awards at HydroVision International 2018 this week in Charlotte, N.C., U.S.

These awards are given to the strongest technical papers presented over the two days of the conference. The winners were chosen by the HydroVision International 2018 technical papers committee. Committee members reviewed all technical papers presentations received in five categories.

Awards were announced for the first, second and third place winners in each of these categories and the winners were presented with plaques and certificates at the event.

The winners are:

Environmental and Social

First Place, Wylie Dam: Combining Aerating Runner Technology with Minimum Flow Design by Jason Foust and Robert Erney, Voith Hydro; and Brian Luffman, Duke Energy

Second Place, Innovative Fish Protection using Non-Electrified and Electrified Flexible Fish Fences by Markus Aufleger and Barbara Brinkmeier, University of Innsbruck

Third Place, Floating Trash Boom Design for Cowlitz Falls Dam Fish Collector by Marcela Politano and Troy Lyons, University of Iowa; and Matt Bleich, Tacoma Power

Equipment and Technology

First Place, Self-Performing NERC Model Validation — A Generator Owner’s Perspective and Experience by Brandon Bouwman, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Second Place, Flexible Operation of Hydroelectric Turbines and Generators by Patrick March, Hydro Performance Processes Inc. and Megan Nesbitt, Electric Power Research Institute

Third Place, Identification of Hydro Unit Stiffnesses, Critical Speed and Vibrating Masses Based on Vibration Measurements by Ozren Husnjak and Ozren Oreskovic, Veski Ltd.; Fabian Kaica, Fabian Kaica Consulting; John Letal, Iris Power; and Nicolas Dehlinger, Qualitrol

Market Trends and Strategies

First Place, Li-Ion Battery versus Pumped Storage for Bulk Energy Storage — A Comparison of Raw Material, Investment Costs and CO2 Footprints by Klaus Krueger, Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Col; Albert Moser, Pierre Mann and Niklas van Bracht, RWTH Aachen University

Second Place, Breakthrough Technology in Small Hydropower Fulfills Major Energy Industry Objectives by Paul Kling, kW River Hydroelectric

Third Place, Geomembrane Sealing Systems for Rehabilitation and Upgrading Concrete Dams by Daniel Cankoski, Salini Impregilo S.p.A.

Project Management and Operations

First Place, Planning for a Major Overhaul to Upgrade or Up-Rate by Thomas Spicher, Hydro Y.E.S.

Second Place, Applying Residual Lifetime Assessment as Maintenance Tool for Increased Availability of Large Motor by Vijay Anand, ABB Inc.

Third Place, How to Evaluate Turbine Governor Mechanical/Hydraulic Systems and Supportability Options by James Volk, Segrity LLC and Troy Bottomfield, Mechanical & Hydraulic Solutions

Water Management and Movement

First Place, Collaborative Process Involving the Licensee, FERC, and Owner’s Engineer in the Final IDF Remediation Alternative Selection to Modify the Cedar Cliff Hydroelectric Development to Safely Pass the PMF by Tim Banta, HDR; Brad Keaton and John Eddy, Duke Energy; and Max Fowler, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Second Place, Modification of Overflow Spillway for Higher Discharge Capacity by Fredrick Maurelius, SWECO; James Yang, Vattenfall AB; and Penghua Teng, Royal Institute of Technology

Third Place, Multi-Criteria Objective Functions for a Geospatial Diversion Model to Identify Sites for Hydropower Development by Fayzul Pasha and Dilruba Yeasmin, California State University Fresno; and Brennan Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The papers are posted on the Internet (password protected). Anyone attending HydroVision International as a conference delegate receives the password for online access to all papers and presentations.

For more on HydroVision International, which will be held in Portland, Ore., in July 2019, visit


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