Teledyne BlueView, EIVA release underwater imaging software

Underwater imaging technology manufacturer Teledyne BlueView and engineering company EIVA have released a new scanning system designed to quickly assess underwater surfaces.

Called “QuickStitch”, the system was specifically designed to collate data collected with Teledyne’s BlueView 3D Scanning Sonar using EIVA’s NaviModel software suite.

Previously, Teledyne said, editing and combining data taken from multiple point clouds was a difficult and time-consuming affair using standard off-the-shelf 3D registration software. QuickStich, however, streamlines the review, cleaning and alignment processes, with features that include:

  • Point-to-point measurement;
  • Data editing;
  • Manual and automatic point cloud alignment;
  • Enhanced visualization options; and
  • Data exporting.

For more information about Teledyne BlueView, visit the company’s listing in’s Suppliers Directory.

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