TES VSETIN, Nord Hydro partnering for micro hydro development

Czech hydro turbine manufacturer TES VSETIN and Russian power company Nord Hydro have signed an agreement of cooperation for the renovation and construction of a number of small hydroelectric projects.

As per the agreement, 56 turbine generators will be installed at new, rehabilitated and upgraded micro hydro plants in the Russian Federation through the next seven years, eventually equating to an additional 130 MW of installed hydroelectric capacity.

TES VSETIN will be the exclusive supplier for the projects, with 27 units to be delivered by 2016 and the remainder to be ready by the end of 2020.

TES VSETIN said the agreement is the result of “several months of intensive cooperation” and that the first project benefitting from the arrangement will be launched in the Republic of Karelia later this year.

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