Thordon Bearings releases film about oil-to-water lubrication conversion process

Industrial parts designer and manufacturer Thordon Bearings Inc. announced the release of a new a video titled Oil to Water: A Turbine Gets Greener at HydroVision International 2012 this past week.

The 13-minute video highlights the process of converting a hydro turbine main shaft guide bearing from an oil-lubricated system to a water-lubricated system.

The company says providing water as an alternative to oil lubrication is a long-standing area of expertise, with Thordon’s non-metallic bearings having been used by members of the hydro industry for more than 30 years.

Specifically, the film documents the process of turning a traditional oil-lubricated main guide bearing into one with a lower bearing lubricated with the same water that runs the turbine.

Thordon says it hopes the film will “provide insight into the simplicity of a water lubricated system and its dependability as a green alternative.”

“The film aims to raise awareness among energy providers that such a conversion project is not only feasible, but also offers long-term economic benefits,” says Scott Groves, Thordon’s hydro power development manager and one of the movie’s technical advisors.

Oil to Water: A Turbine Gets Greener is available for viewing online via Thordon’s website.

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