Tim DeWeese: Graduating Researcher of the Hydro Research Foundation

Editor’s Note: This is the latest in a series of profiles provided by the Hydro Research Foundation that highlight potential future members of the hydroelectric power industry and their accomplishments.

The Hydro Research Foundation is actively supporting graduate students to conduct research related to conventional and pumped storage hydropower. These students are funded through the Department of Energy’s Water Power Program and industry partners through a two-year, US$1 million dollar grant.

Tim DeWeese will graduate later this spring from the University of Idaho with a masters from the water resources engineering department.

Tim’s research focused on Quantifying Streambed Scour Deposition Below Hydropower Dams Using Temperature Time Series Data. This research aims to develop a new, simple and economical method to continuously monitor and record local streambed scours and depositions.

The method uses naturally occurring daily temperature oscillations in stream water as a signal to detect changes in streambed elevation. Paired temperature measurements between stream water and streambed sediment can be analyzed to solve for any change in streambed elevation between sensors with a newly proposed explicit analytical equation.

The research will test the performance of a new 1D model with non-sinusoidal daily oscillations of stream water temperature. The outcome of this testing will provide a single powerful tool for monitoring surface-subsurface flow interaction, downwelling and upwelling fluxes and scour-deposition below and upstream of flow controlling dams. Results will be analyzed and compared with true flow hydrographs from dam operation.

Tim is actively seeking a hydro related career now.

To connect with Tim or learn more about the Research Awards Program please email info@hydrofoundation.org or visit the website www.hydrofoundation.org

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