Transboundary rivers consultant tender to focus on Africa’s Senegal River Basin

The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to measure the benefits of international cooperation on transboundary rivers, studying the hydropower-rich Senegal River Basin as an example. Responses are due March 20.

The bank said there are limited examples of effective basin-wide cooperation and collaborative investments on the transboundary rivers of sub-Saharan Africa. It said there are number of basins still lacking formal institutions governing equitable development and management of water resources. Others have agreements that are not effective or sustainable.

As a result, the World Bank seeks consultants to perform a study to strengthen the economic evidence for cooperation in African basins, enhance collaborative investments and improve the quality of dialog and decision making. The consultant is expected to measure economic benefits and household-level poverty/distributional impacts of cooperation in transboundary basins, with the Senegal River Basin as a case study.

The Senegal Basin already has a multi-nation management agency, Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal (OMVS), which includes Senegal, Guinea, Mali, and Mauritania. The Senegal River forms the border of Senegal and Mauritania, with tributaries that extend into Mali and Guinea.

OMVS recruited consultants in 2012 to study development of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for its hydro-based power system and to evaluate options for hydroelectric development and water resources. It also took bids to manage the 250-MW Manantali and 63-MW Felou hydroelectric projects in Mali.

The bank now invites expressions of interest and qualifications from consultants to develop the transboundary rivers study.

Expressions of interest and attachments totaling less than 5 megabytes are to be submitted in English, electronically via the World Bank’s eConsult Internet site, A solicitation notice is available on the website under Business Opportunities, Selection No. 1136863.

The bank intends to invite a short-list of firms to submit proposals, subject to availability of funding.

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