U.S. developer to file license application for 1,300-MW Eagle Mountain

Eagle Crest Energy Co. announced Oct. 27, 2009, it has prepared an application for a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license for the proposed 1,300-MW Eagle Mountain Pumped-Storage project in Riverside County, Calif.

Earlier this year, FERC received a formal notice of intent from Eagle Crest to file a license application to build Eagle Mountain (No. 13123). (HydroWorld 3/2/09) The developer previously held a preliminary permit to study the project.

Eagle Mountain is to utilize a head of 1,400 feet between two reservoirs created from abandoned mining pits. Because the former mining site already has sustained significant environmental disturbance, further development of the site for pumped storage will have little additional environmental impact, Eagle Crest said.

The pumped-storage project is to provide energy storage needed to efficiently utilize intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. The technology is considered a critical component of California’s renewable energy program. California’s renewables portfolio standard requires utilities to supply a third of their energy from renewable sources by 2020. (HydroWorld 11/19/08)

Eagle Crest named GEI Consultants Inc. to lead the consultant team that prepared the FERC license application. GEI also prepared a supporting design report, provided technical and strategic advice, assisted in applying for state water quality certification under Clean Water Act Section 401, and completed an applicant-prepared environmental impact report under California law.

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