U.S. seeks transformer replacement for 154-MW J.F. Carr hydro project

The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids for KRB transformer replacement at the 154-MW Judge Francis (J.F.) Carr hydroelectric project near Redding, Calif. Bids are due May 10.

Reclamation took bids in 2011 to replace station service switchgear at J.F. Carr and the 140-MW Trinity and 190-MW Spring Creek projects. The hydro plants are all in the Trinity River Division of Reclamation’s Central Valley Project. BuRec awarded a $15 million contract in 2009 to National Electric Coil Inc. to rewind both generators at J.F. Carr.

Reclamation now seeks bids from small businesses: to remove and dispose of lead paint, existing station service, oil-filled transformer, KRB, and oil at certified facilities; furnish, install grout, anchor, and factory and field test a new dry power transformer; furnish, install, and test low side circuit breaker and corresponding enclosure; modify high-voltage isolated phase buses and low-voltage bus ducts, conduit, concrete foundation, transformer pad, yellow hand rail, and alarm circuits, conduit, and conductors.

The work is valued at between $250,000 and $500,000.

A solicitation notice may be obtained from the Federal Business Opportunities Internet site, www.fbo.gov, by entering solicitation No. R13PS20142 in the “Keyword/Solicitation #” box.

Bids are expected to be due by 10 a.m., Pacific time, May 10. For information, contact Tracy N. Tenholder, Contract Specialist, Bureau of Reclamation, MP, Regional Office, 2800 Cottage Way, Room E-1815, Sacramento, CA 95825; (1) 916-978-5110; E-mail: ttenholder@usbr.gov.


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