U.S. seeks turbine, pump overhaul at 12-MW Chandler hydro plant

The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids to overhaul a turbine and pump at the 12-MW Chandler hydropower plant, part of the Yakima hydroelectric project on the Yakima River in Washington. Bids are due June 16.

Chandler and the 12.9-MW Roza hydro plant are part of Reclamation’s Yakima Project along with six storage reservoirs and five diversion dams. Chandler includes two 6-MW turbine-generators and two 2,600-hp pumps that operate from a 10.6-mile canal diverting up to 1,500 cubic feet per second of water from Prosser Dam. Reclamation awarded a contract to Eaton Electrical Inc. in 2008 to replace excitation systems at Chandler and Roza.

Reclamation now seeks bids to test and inspect existing bearings and spare bearings and repair if needed, final machine the wear ring on a spare turbine runner, inspect and refurbish the existing turbine runner including installation of a new wear ring, and inspect and repair the impeller. The turbine is a James Leffel & Co. unit, while the pump is a Worthington Hydrocone unit.

A solicitation notice may be obtained from the Federal Business Opportunities Internet site, www.fbo.gov, by entering solicitation No. R15PS00878 in the “Keyword/Solicitation #” box.

Bids are due by 3:30 p.m., Mountain time, June 16. For information, contact Misty Gates, Contract Specialist, Bureau of Reclamation – PN – Regional Office, 1150 N. Curtis Road, Suite 100, Boise, ID 83706-1234; (1) 208-378-5079; E-mail: mgates@usbr.gov.

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