U.S. sets meeting on plan to increase height of Dahla Dam, Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan 3/6/12 (PennWell) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has scheduled a pre-bid “industry day” conference on plans to increase the height of Afghanistan’s Dahla Dam, an irrigation project with three small hydroelectric generators. The industry day is scheduled March 14 in Winchester, Va.

The Corps took information by February 29 on firms capable of increasing the height of Dahla Dam, on the Arghandab River about 34 kilometers northeast of Kandahar.  It issued a similar request in 2011, as well as an inquiry about firms to perform major rehabilitation work at Afghanistan’s 33-MW Kajaki Dam.

Dahla Dam supplies irrigation water and a small amount of hydropower, and is being considered to supply municipal water. The reservoir has lost about 30 percent of its storage capacity due to sedimentation.

In an initiative by the government of Canada, a joint venture of Canadian engineering and construction group SNC-Lavalin and Canadian consulting firm Hydrosult managed rehabilitation of Dahla Dam to restore supply of irrigation water to the area.

The Corps’ Transatlantic South District now plans to increase the height of Dahla Dam at least 5 meters with an option for an additional 3 meters. The Corps seeks firms able to restore storage capacity by raising the earth and rockfill dam, saddle dikes, and spillways, and by replacing mechanical and electrical systems and the station’s hydropower unit. The work is valued at between US$100 million and US$250 million

A special notice on the March 14 industry day may be obtained from the Federal Business Opportunities Internet site, www.fbo.gov, by entering Solicitation No. W5J9LE12SS0005 in the “Keyword/Solicitation #” box. Contacts for the meeting are Mamie S. Brouwer, (1) 540-667-6474, E-mail: mamie.s.brouwer@usace.army.mil, and Karen E. Rippey, (1) 540-722-6595, E-mail: karen.e.rippey@usace.army.mil.

For information, contact LTC Derek Draper, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District, Kandahar, 0003 HQ HHC ARCENT Kandahar, OEF Multi-class SSF AWCF Kandahar, APO AE, AF 09355; (1) 540-662-6183; E-mail: derek.j.draper2@usace.army.mil.


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