U.S. to seek consultants for Colorado Basin study

The Bureau of Reclamation plans to recruit consultants to perform a comprehensive Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study.

BuRec said in September 2009 that it plans to study several river basins in the western United States to identify options for water management. (HydroWorld 9/18/09) It said the first three studies would involve the Colorado, the Milk and St. Mary River System in Montana, and the Yakima River Basin in Washington. (HydroWorld 12/30/08)

The agency announced in January 2010 that it seeks a comprehensive study to define imbalances in water supply and demand over the next 50 years in the Colorado River Basin and adjacent areas that receive Colorado River water. The basin covers portions of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The study is to develop and analyze adaptation and mitigation strategies to resolve imbalances.

The two-year study is to assess risks to Colorado Basin resources including water allocations and deliveries under the Law of the River, hydroelectric generation, recreation, fish, wildlife, water quality, flows for ecological systems, and flood control. The study is expected to cost $2 million.

No bids are sought at this time. For information, contact Meagan Fyffe, Bureau of Reclamation – LC – Boulder Canyon Operations Office, P.O. Box 61470, Boulder City, NV 89006; E-mail: mfyffe@usbr.gov.

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