Ukraine rehab program seeks information network for hydro utility

Ukraine utility OJSC UkrHydroEnergo seeks bids to supply and install an automated enterprise management system for the hydropower project operator. Bids are due June 27.

The work is part of ongoing hydro project rehabilitation funded by the World Bank. UkrHydroEnergo took bids in February to rehabilitate three turbines of the 686-MW Kremenchuk (or Kremenchug) project.

The current solicitation (UHE/T-MIS-27/10) includes implementation of a UkrHydroEnergo corporate information network in the utility’s central office and all branches, including the Kremenchuk project and the 361-MW Kyiv, 444-MW Kaniv, 352-MW Dniprodzerzhinsk (or Dniprodzerzhynsk or Dnieprojerzinsk), 651-MW Dnipro 1, 661-MW Dnipro 2 (or Dnieper or Dnieprovska 1 and 2), 351-MW Kakhovka (or Kahovka), and 702-MW Dnister (or Dniester) projects, and the 225-MW Kyiv pumped-storage project.

Bidding documents, in English, may be obtained from the address below for US$300 by direct deposit, in U.S. dollars, to Joint Stock Company “State Savings Bank of Ukraine,” Vyshgorod Branch No. 8151 in Kyiv Region, MFO 320155, Naberezhna 8a, Vyshgorod, Ukraine, SWIFT COSBUAUK, Beneficiary: OSJC UkrHydroEnergo, Account No. 26003301276/840, via any of the following corresponding accounts:
o Corresponding Account No. 890-0060-077, Bank of New York, New York, SWIFT BIC: IRVT US 3N;
o Corresponding Account No. 04-182-382, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, SWIFT BIC: BKTR US 33;
o Corresponding Account No. 949 8296 00, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt Am Main, SWIFT BIC: DEUT DE FF;
o Corresponding Account No. 30112840600000000284, Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow, SWIFT BIC: SABR RU MM.

Payment also can be made directly to the OSJC UkrHydroEnergo cashier at the address below in the equivalent Ukrainian hryvnas according to the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate. The documents will be delivered by express mail or special delivery.

Bids are due by 11 a.m. June 27. For information, contact OJSC UkrHydroEnergo, Mrs. Zhanna Gutina, First Deputy Director, OSJC UkrHydroEnergo office 207, 07300 Vyshgorod, Kyiv Region, Ukraine; (380) 45-9658227; Fax: (380) 45-9622007; E-mail:

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