UPDATE – Afghanistan extends deadline for study of Amu Darya-Punj project

The government of Afghanistan has extended the deadline for expressions of interest from consultants to perform a feasibility study of the Upper Amu Darya Lower Punj irrigation and hydropower project. Responses now are due March 9.

Expressions of interest previously were due February 23 to study the proposed project, which includes construction of a dam across the Amu Darya River or the Lower Punj River, depending on the suitability of the site. (HNN 1/26/09) The sites are less than 10 kilometers apart. The project would include a hydropower plant, pump station, conveyance system, and extensive irrigation scheme serving an area of more than 500,000 hectares.

The project is in northern Afghanistan provinces of Kunduz and Balkh. The proposed dam would extend into Tajikistan, requiring a cooperation accord that is being discussed with Tajikistan.

The study first is to consider alternative proposals that would be ranked according to criteria approved by the Ministry of Energy and Water. The consultant then would perform a pre-feasibility study of the first-ranked option to demonstrate technical, social, environmental, economic, financial, and legal viability of the proposed investment.

Findings are to be presented in a project definition report that would be used by the governments to decide whether to proceed to Phase 2. Phase 2 would involve a full feasibility study of the proposed development for submission to international donors.

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Water, the Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services (ARDS), Procurement Unit, invites expressions of interest and qualifications of not more than five pages sent by e-mail to the address below. The same text, with all other material, may be sent as hard copy to the address below.

The request for expressions of interest may be obtained from the ARDS Internet site, www.ards.org.af. Expressions of interest are due by 4 p.m. March 9.

For information, contact Arindam Lai, Adviser; Abdul Ghaffar, PLO, Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services, Procurement Unit, 5th and 6th Floor, Ministry of Economy, Malik Asghar Square, Kabul, Afghanistan; Mobile: 0093 (0) 775215841, 0093 (0) 202103430; E-mail: arindam.lai@ards.org.af, abdul.ghaffar@ards.org.af; Internet: www.ards.org.af.


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