UPDATE – El Salvador extends bid date for 67-MW El Chaparral

El Salvador utility Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa (CEL) has extended the bidding deadline for turnkey construction of the 67-MW El Chaparral hydroelectric project. Bids now are due April 30.

CEL extended the deadline from March 13 at the request of groups that purchased bidding rules, a CEL official told Business News Americas. (HNN 12/12/06)

The utility announced that 12 companies are competing for the project: Astaldi S.p.A. Sucursal El Salvador, Techint S.A. de C.V., Constructora Andrade Gutierrez S.A., Constructora Norberto Odebrecht S/A, SBI International Holdings S.A., FCC Construccion S.A., Iberdrola Ingenieria y Consultoria Mexico S.A. de C.V., Concreto Preesforzado de Centroamerica S.A. (Surcusal El Salvador) (Copreca S.A.), Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation, Tradeco Infraestructura S.A. de C.V., Obras con Huarte Lain S.A., and Carso Infraestructura y Construccion S.A. de C.V.

The project is to include a roller-compacted-concrete dam, reservoir, and powerhouse containing two generating units, just upstream of the Torola River’s confluence with the San Juan River. CEL previously estimated the project would cost US$92.5 million.

Last year, the Inter-American Development Bank included El Chaparral among Central American �mega-infrastructure� projects that should be advanced to stimulate social change throughout the region.

CEL awarded a US$2.1 million consulting services contract in 2005 to Intertechne Consultores Associados of Brazil for preparation of construction tendering and an engineering-procurement-construction contract for El Chaparral, which is to be built in El Salvador’s San Miguel Department.

For information, contact Departamento de Licitaciones, Comision Ejecutiva Hidroelectrica del Rio Lempa, 4a Planta de Oficina Central de CEL, 9a Calle Poniente No. 950, Centro de Gobierno, San Salvador, El Salvador; (503) 22116149; Fax: (503) 22116243; E-mail: licitaciones@cel.gob.sv; Internet: www.cel.gob.sv.

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