UPDATE – Finavera deploys prototype wave unit in Oregon

Finavera Renewables Inc. announced Sept. 6 it deployed and commissioned its AquaBuOY wave energy converter off the coast of Newport.

Finavera previously announced it planned to deploy the unit the first week of September, weather permitting. (HNN 8/31/07) The wave energy developer said the achievement moves it closer to its goal of commercial generation from ocean waves by 2010.

Oregon Iron Works in Portland, Ore., fabricated the AquaBuOY 2.0 wave energy converter. The test unit is not designated for a specific power project. However, test results will be used to design equipment for Finavera’s proposed 1-MW Makah Bay Offshore Wave Energy pilot project (No. 12751) in Washington.

Finavera said it would analyze the performance of the test unit, deployed about 2.5 miles off Oregon’s coast. The company will monitor output of its hose pump technology and other components to determine generating potential. All on-board diagnostic equipment will be powered by the device itself, with solar panels and small wind turbines providing secondary power.

The device being tested is �open loop� in the sense that sea water will be pumped through the device by the movement of a piston and hose tube assembly. By contrast, the AquaBuOY that will be deployed for Makah Bay will be �closed loop,� using only fresh water inside a closed hollow cylinder mounted to the body of the buoy, and not sea water, to generate electricity.

Finavera said it is planning to develop wave energy projects totaling more than 250 MW off the West Coast of North America.

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