UPDATE – Panama seeks hydro-based community electrification

Panama’s Office of Rural Electrification has extended one solicitation and issued another for development of isolated community electrification systems powered by small hydroelectric projects. Bids for both solicitations are due April 2.

The agency seeks construction companies, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, organized communities, and others to design, build, administer, and maintain packages of hydro-based power systems. (HNN 1/31/08)

The first solicitation, which originally called for bids by February 27, lists four packages including communities, their provinces, numbers of households to be served, and installed capacities:
o Package 1: Coclesito, Colon Province, 300 households, 250 kW;
o Package 2: Rio Sidra, Kuna Yala Province, 250 households, 250 kW;
o Package 3: Cocle del Norte, Colon Province, 130 households, 150 kW; and
o Package 4: San Jose de Calobre, Veraguas Province, 40 households, 35 kW.

Bids for the first solicitation are due by 3 p.m. April 2. The work is to require six months for each package.

The second solicitation lists three packages including seven communities, their provinces, numbers of households to be served, and installed capacities:
o Package 1: Playon Chico (Ukupseni), Kuna Yala Province, 330 households, 19 kW; and Isla Tigre, Kuna Yala Province, 120 households, 6.6 kW;
o Package 2: Manene, Darien Province, 49 households, 2.94 kW; Galilea, Darien Province, 31 households, 1.86 kW; and Mogue, Darien Province, 65 households, 3.9 kW;
o Package 3: Biroquera, Darien Province, 50 households, 3 kW; and Playa Muerto, Darien Province, 45 households, 2.7 kW.

Bids for the second solicitation are due by 10 a.m. April 2. The work is to require four months for each package.

Tender documents on CD in Spanish may be obtained by written request to the address below. Pre-bid meetings are scheduled March 5.

For information, contact Director Jose Alexander Rodriguez, Oficina de Electrificacion Rural, Direccion Balboa, Calle Romulo Escobar Betancourt, Edificio 768, Panama City, Panama; (507) 527-9140; E-mail: adegracia65@yahoo.es, ncarvajal@presidencia.gob.pa, vcasiano@presidencia.gob.pa.

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