Upper Clowhom hydro plant in Canada features Pelton turbine, other equipment from Mavel

Mavel, a.s. announced that the commissioning of the 11.3-MW Upper Clowhom Hydroelectric Power Plant, for which Mavel provided a turbine and other equipment, was successfully completed.

The new hydroelectric plant, located on the Clowhom River in British Columbia, utilizes one Mavel vertical Pelton turbine with inside runner diameter of 1,700 mm. Mavel´s scope also included a synchronous generator, valves and site advisory services for installation, commissioning and testing.

The Upper Clowhom hydro plant is one of a two plant development – Upper Clowhom HPP and Lower Clowhom HPP – owned by Hydromax Energy Ltd., a division of ENMAX Corporation. Mavel provided equipment only for the Upper Clowhom HPP, which is located just below Phantom Lake.

Rostislav Pospisil, Mavel regional sales director for the Americas, said: “The successful commissioning of Mavel equipment at Upper Clowhom is the first Pelton installation for Mavel in North America and has provided our engineering and installation teams with valuable experience for future projects.”

Mavel also noted that it previously delivered equipment for two other hydroelectric power developments in British Columbia. The equipment is for the Clemina and Serpentine projects. Both projects utilize Mavel vertical Pelton turbines with five jets and 1,060 mm runner diameter, and both projects will have an installed capacity of about 10 megawatts each. These projects are now owned by TransAlta Corp.

Canadian Projects Limited, which provides project planning, engineering and management services for renewable energy projects in Canada, is the engineer and project manager for all three projects.

Recently, Mavel signed a contract to provide turbines and related technology for the Grodnenskaya small hydroelectric project in Belarus, the company reported. 

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