U.S. awards Lake Roosevelt bank stabilization at 6,809-MW Grand Coulee

GRAND COULEE, Wash., U.S. 9/29/11 (PennWell) — The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a contract of nearly $1 million for bank stabilization work at Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake, the reservoir formed by 6,809-MW Grand Coulee Dam in Washington.

The agency awarded the $977,519 contract to LKE Corp. of Washougal, Wash.

Reclamation took bids in July for the work at Lake Roosevelt, which extends 151 miles up the Columbia River to the Canadian border and up the Spokane River.

LKE is to furnish and compact 4-inch rockfill, applying geotextile fabric between gabion baskets/Reno mattresses and the rock backfill, and between the rock backfill and the existing bank. The contractor also is to furnish and install the gabion baskets and Reno mattresses, furnish and compact topsoil and seed, furnish and wrap topsoil lifts over the gabions using soil wrap fabric, and spray hydraulic mulch.

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