U.S. cancels tender to increase height of Afghanistan’s Dahla Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has canceled a request for bids to construct an intake structure and outlet works in the first phase of a project to increase the height of Afghanistan’s Dahla Dam, an irrigation project with three small hydroelectric generators.

Although the Corps had called for bids by September 4, it issued a follow-up notice saying the solicitation “is hereby canceled in its entirety.” It offered no explanation.

The Corps conducted a pre-bid “industry day” conference on the project in March. It also took information in February on firms capable of increasing the height of Dahla Dam, on the Arghandab River about 34 kilometers northeast of Kandahar.

For information, contact Nicholas Emanuel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District, Kandahar, 0003 HQ HHC ARCENT Kandahar, OEF Multi-class SSF AWCF Kandahar, APO AE, AF 09355; (1) 540-667-6581; E-mail: nicholas.p.emanuel@usace.army.mil.

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