U.S. improves security systems for Colorado River dams

The Bureau of Reclamation is upgrading electronic security systems at three dams on the Colorado River �- 2,078.8-MW Hoover in Arizona and Nevada, 255-MW Davis in Arizona, and 120-MW Parker in California.

BuRec awarded a $4.96 million contract in May to Sim-G Technologies LLC of Washington, D.C., to engineer, design, and install the upgrades. The government said the contractor would install an integrated security system that will provide �seamless security management� at the three facilities. The work is to be completed by September.

BuRec Commissioner Robert Johnson said the upgrades would help protect three structures he views as critical to delivering water and generating electricity for the southwestern U.S.

BuRec also is in the process of choosing a contractor to install unit control modernization equipment for 26 large generating units at Hoover, Davis, and Parker. (HNN 5/30/07)


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