Utility qualifies turbine suppliers for French hydro projects

Electricite de France (EDF) invites hydro equipment suppliers to qualify to provide turbines to projects in the French utility’s hydroelectric system.

EDF said it plans to qualify both turbine designer-manufacturers, and foundry and machining companies that can manufacture turbine runners identical to existing units. The qualification system is of unlimited duration.

The solicitation is among several by EDF seeking equipment and services to refurbish its hydro projects. (HNN 9/16/08)

Solicitation documents may be obtained from the address below. For information, contact Christophe Bouvier, Electricite de France, Direction des Agence Achats Hydraulique, 13, rue Jean-Girard Madoux, F-73026 Chambery, France; (33) 4-79266814; Fax: (33) 4-79266803; E-mail: christophe-l.bouvier@edf.fr; Internet: www.edf.fr.

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