VA Tech units to equip India’s 1,200-MW Teesta 3, 1,200-MW Karcham Wangtoo

Andritz VA Tech Hydro said December 19 its India units received contracts totaling 210 million euros (US$302 million) to equip the 1,200-MW Teesta Stage 3 and 1,200-MW Karcham Wangtoo hydroelectric projects in India.

The contracts went to VA Tech Hydro India Pvt. Ltd. and VA Tech Escher Wyss Flovel Ltd.

1,200-MW Teesta Stage 3

Andritz VA Tech Hydro is to supply developer Teesta Urja Ltd. the complete electro-mechanical package for six vertical Pelton units of Teesta Stage 3 on the Teesta River in Sikkim State. (HNN 8/8/06) The six units are to go on line by August 2011.

The project is to include a 60-meter-tall concrete-faced rockfill dam, 13.33-kilometer headrace tunnel, 980-meter tailrace tunnel, and underground powerhouse containing the 200-MW turbine-generators operating under a head of 800 meters.

1,200-MW Karcham Wangtoo

On behalf of its Jaypee Karcham Hydro Corp. Ltd., Jaiprakash Industries placed an order with Andritz VA Tech Hydro for four erosion-resistant Francis turbines for Karcham Wangtoo on the Satluj River in Himachal Pradesh State. (HNN 1/19/07)

The units, totaling 1,200 MW, are to go on line by August 2011. Karcham Wangtoo originally was to total 1,000 MW.

Andritz VA Tech Hydro said both the Teesta and Satluj rivers carry large amounts of sand from the Himalayas with a high quartz content that can cause major erosion damage to turbine parts. It said the erosion resistance aspect was given special attention in turbine design. In addition, all turbine runner surfaces in contact with water will be provided with a very hard special ceramic coating.

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