Vietnam builder advances three projects

Vietnam hydropower constructor Cavico Corp. reports advances on three hydroelectric projects, including breakthrough February 9 of a 2,967-meter tunnel at the 280-MW Buon Kuop project on Vietnam’s Srepok River.

Cavico began work on the 8.2-meter-wide tunnel in December 2003. Cavico said it and the project’s main contractor, Vinaconex, were working to complete the remainder of the US$290 million project for owner Electricity of Vietnam (EVN). (HNN 12/29/05) Cavico said it will focus on concrete finish work for the tunnel, valued at US$12.36 million for the next two years.

In December 2006, it achieved breakthrough of the project’s 7,600-meter-long, 8.2- to 9-meter-wide headrace tunnel, which also has two surge tanks. That work was valued at US$32 million, of which Cavico’s share is US$18.5 million.

On February 7, Cavico announced tunnel breakthrough at the 320-MW Ban Ve hydropower project in Nghe An Province. (HNN 12/22/06) Cavico said it expects to generate about US$6.6 million upon finish smoothing of the tunnel’s concrete works.

Another EVN project, Ban Ve is expected to cost US$394.7 million. Cavico estimated its portion of the total contract is US$20 million.

Cavico also announced its subsidiary, Cavico Bridge &Tunnel, won a US$1 million contract to provide construction services for a flood prevention road and bridge for the 190-MW Song Tranh 2 hydro project in Quang Nam Province. (HNN 11/16/06) Its work is expected to be completed in 12 months at the total US$260 million project.

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