Vietnam firm wins tunnel contract for 520-MW Huoi Quang

Vietnam hydro project builder Cavico Corp. announced its Cavico Transportation subsidiary has signed a US$9.43 million contract to build a tunnel for the 520-MW Huoi Quang hydroelectric project in Lai Chau Province.

Cavico said April 8 that Cavico Transportation has begun moving equipment and personnel to the project site on the Da River in Muong La and Than Uyen villages. Cavico said it expects to receive additional contracts for the project from owner Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

Upon completion in 2012, the two-unit plant is to generate 1.84 billion kilowatt-hours per year.

EVN announced it intends to invest US$630 million in Huoi Quang, which will become one of Vietnam’s four largest hydropower projects, with 2,400-MW Son La (HNN 11/13/07), 1,920-MW Hoa Binh, and 1,200-MW Lai Chau.

Huoi Quang was named in Vietnam’s government agenda for electricity expansion covering 2006 to 2015.


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