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Many of you know me (or at least recognize my name) from my nearly 12 years of work covering the hydroelectric power industry worldwide, first with HCI Publications (which founded HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide) and now with PennWell Corp.

But I want to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about my background. I am an editor by training and have worked in the business-to- business magazine publishing industry for my entire professional career – 22 years.

As of January 2016, I have taken on the responsibility of determining the editorial content, coverage and direction of this bimonthly magazine.

I also am managing editor of Hydro Review, which covers the North American hydro market. I am responsible for editorial content on our website,, which is updated daily with news from around the world. And I am conference committee chair in charge of educational content presented at our annual HydroVision International event, the world’s largest gathering of hydro industry personnel. (HydroVision International 2016 in Portland, Oregon, U.S., attracted 3,600+ attendees from 55 countries!)

But obviously there is no way I am working alone to provide practical, useful information to the global hydropower market. The hydro group contains two other dedicated editorial team members, Editor Michael Harris and Associate Editor Gregory B. Poindexter, who are integral to the quality of the content we provide across all our avenues of information delivery.

Speaking of which, the editors in PennWell’s Hydro Group also publish a weekly eNewsletter digest of website updates and more, and we record a weekly video newscast highlighting important news occurring throughout the world. We keep consumers of our information updated on social media platforms as well – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and pennwellhub Interact.

The Hydro Group editorial team (from left): Associate Editor Gregory B. Poindexter, Managing Editor Elizabeth Ingram, and Editor Michael Harris.

And PennWell focuses on the hydro market in several of its POWER-GEN events throughout the world … in Europe, Russia, India and Brazil.

I know that was a lot of detail to get through, and I apologize, but I am coming (at last) to my point.

In a nutshell, and as illustrated by the above, the hydro group is dedicated to fulfilling the information needs of the hydroelectric power market through a variety of avenues.

But, we want to ask for your help.

Today, information is so instantly accessible via the internet, email and telephone, it allows our staff to “be there” even if we’re not there in person. For example, I have conducted interviews with world leaders in the hydropower industry from my office – in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the U.S. The hydro group editors have written in-depth reports on current hydro events using data gleaned from the internet and other sources. We have picked up the telephone and gotten vital information on issues that face the hydroelectric market. I have even been interviewed for BBC’s Business Matters radio program … without having to travel to their studios.

I should also point out that PennWell has a large office in the UK and some of our staff, such as sales manager Sophia Perry, work there. Our staff also regularly travels to hydropower industry conference, trade shows and meetings around the world. We really are a global company, no matter our location.

Now, here is where you come in. We obviously cannot spend a significant amount of time in each of the 146 countries where this magazine is distributed each issue. So we need you, the magazine readers, to be our “eyes and ears” in the global hydropower market. If you hear of important news, have an interesting case study, or can make a connection for us with an important figure, that would be invaluable.

We need you to help us meet our goal of continuing to offer practical, useful information to help you do your jobs better. Help us help you. Send me an email at

Elizabeth Ingram

Managing Editor

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