Voith announces milestone at China’s 13.86-MW Xiluodu hydropower plant

The most powerful hydro turbine ever built by Voith is now in service at China’s 13.86-GW Xiluodu hydropower plant, the global manufacturer announced.

The generator’s successful 72-hour test run marks an “important technological milestone”, Voith said, and marks an important benchmark as the company works toward producing even larger units.

“This remarkable achievement is an important step towards he first one-gigawatt unit,” Voith President and CEO Roland Munch said. “Congratulations to the entire Voith team that has made a contribution to the largest ever single project at Voith Hydro.”

The unit is one of three 748 MW Francis turbines ordered by Xiluodu developer China Three Gorges Corporation, which announced the plant’s successful connection to the grid in July.

Each of the units is attached to an air-cooled generator rated at 855.6 MVA, weighs 1,350 tons, and has a diameter of 13.7 meters and a height of four meters.

Voith said the installation of the first unit began about a year-and-a-half ago.

The Xiluodu project, located on the Jinsha River in the central Sichuan Province, will be the world’s third-largest hydropower plant after China’s Three Gorges and Brazil’s Itaipu when fully completed.

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