Work OK to resume at Brazil’s 1.8-GW Teles Pires, court rules

Brazil’s Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) has reversed a decision that halted work on the country’s 1.8-GW Teles Pires hydroelectric plant, per a ruling by Judge Ricardo Lewandowski this week.

Construction of Teles Pires had been stopped after public prosecutors accused the consortium responsible for its development, Companhia Hidreletrica Teles Pires (CHTP), of skipping obligatory social impact studies.

Lewandowski ruled, however, that CHTP had not breached the concession rules, and that delaying the project could cause significant economic damage to Brazil’s Mato Grosso and Para states.

Teles Pires is being constructed along the Teles Pires River on the border of the two states.

The group responsible for its development includes Neoenergia (with a 50.1% share), Eletrobras-Eletrosul (24.5%), Eletrobras Furnas (24.5%) and Odebrecht (0.9%).

Should construction progress as planned, the US$2 billion project is scheduled to begin operating in 2015.

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