World Bank considers funding Vietnam’s 250-MW Trung Son

The World Bank is considering a proposal to provide US$330 million in financing for construction of the 250-MW Trung Son hydroelectric project on Vietnam’s Ma River.

The bank said the funds would include technical assistance for consultants to provide advisory and capacity building assistance in hydropower planning and plant operation. Also included would be development of equitization strategies for existing hydropower stations and further capacity building in resettlement and environmental management for hydropower.

The objective is to finance equipment and civil works for construction of an 88-meter-tall dam on the Ma River and development of the 250-MW powerhouse by Electricity of Vietnam.

The bank said a decision on the proposal is expected in December and that consulting services are to be determined.

For information, contact Vice President Dinh Quang Tri, Electricity of Vietnam, 18 Tran Nguyen Han, Hanoi, Vietnam; (84) 4-2201387; Fax: (84) 4-2201836.

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