World Bank seeks studies of up to nine Liberia small hydropower sites

The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform pre-feasibility studies of six to nine small hydropower sites in Liberia. Responses are due November 2.

The World Bank is helping finance a Renewable Energy Electrification Program in Liberia, which suffers from electricity shortages made worse by a period of war and civil unrest. Another major program is rehabilitation of the 64-MW Mount Coffee hydroelectric project. The government also recruited consultants in September to provide training in social and environmental impact assessments for power sector projects, including hydropower projects.

The Renewable Energy Electrification Program is to focus on use of small hydro and biomass projects, backed up by photovoltaic systems to serve rural areas likely to remain off Liberia’s grid for many years. A review of 31 small hydro sites of less than 10 MW led to selection of six to nine sites as suitable for additional review.

The World Bank intends to contract for consulting services to perform a pre-feasibility study of the six to nine sites for potential small hydro projects. The work is to be performed over three months.

Expressions of interest are due November 2 electronically via the World Bank’s eConsult Internet site, A solicitation notice is available on the website under Business Opportunities, Selection No. 1124422. For information, contact the World Bank by e-mail at and

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